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Flowers are an essential part of the wedding ceremony and silk wedding flowers are a great alternative over real ones. Artificial flowers offer a variety of benefits over their real counterparts.

Keep Sakes

Silk wedding flowers last an incredibly long time. Real flowers quickly wilt during the ceremony and die shortly thereafter, but the artificial ones will be around to cherish for many, many years. Should you ever decide to renew your wedding vows, your silk flowers will still be in good enough condition to use. Many brides use them as keepsakes or decorations later!


Silk flowers have come a long way!  The higher quality of silk flowers, like we use at Affordable Elegance, are many times even more beautiful than real ones, which can easily or wilt during the wedding.  Artificial flowers are made to look perfectly natural. No one would probably be able to tell the difference without touching one.


You will save a lot of money by using silk flowers. Silk wedding flowers are much less expensive than their real alternatives. They typically cost less than half the price of real flowers. This can save you some extra money and allow you to spend it in other areas of your wedding.


There is a large variety of silk wedding flowers and colors available at any given time of the year. This means that you don't have to worry about whether or not your favorite types of flowers are in season.

Preparation / Time Savings

Silk wedding flowers can be ordered and shipped months before the wedding. This gives you the added benefit of getting exactly what you want for the wedding! You don't have to worry about the florist bringing you arrangements that you may not like.  You know they will be there in time for the wedding too!


Many people have allergies to real flowers.  You would not want anyone in your wedding party having an itchy nose, watery eyes, or episodes of sneezing throughout the wedding. This potential problem can be eliminated by using silk wedding flowers. This would be one less thing that you have to worry about.

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