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How to Care for Your Silk Wedding Flowers
Your Affordable Elegance Designed Silk Wedding Flowers and Bouquets will last a lifetime as a matter of fact and look just as gorgeous as the day you receive them with proper care.

Here are some helpful hints:
As soon as you receive the flowers, unwrap them from the tissues and bubble wrap and packing peanuts and store them loosely in the same protective wrapping and peanuts in a large plastic storage bin.

Keep them in a safe, undisturbed place which is away from direct sunlight, dust and excessive heat.

On your wedding day, you will be thankful because you will have the flowers you love, designed exactly the way you wanted, at a fraction of the cost and without all of the last minute stresses!

You and your Affordable Elegance flowers will LOOK GORGEOUS, you will be able to BREATH EASIER and ENJOY YOUR MOST SPECIAL DAY!

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