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Placing an Order

To Order: Email Barbara at

Where to begin:

Begin by taking a look at our products and email us your preferences and needs. Be sure to include desired floral design styles, sizes number of pieces, colors, floral selections, your shipping information and wedding date. Please include any specifications or customization requests you may have

Next Barbara will respond back with an email with all details, pricing and payment information.

Note: Due to the heavy volume of wedding orders, we apologize in advance if we cannot respond to your inquiry as quickly as we would like to: We work as hard as we can to ensure customer satisfaction and thorough replies. In some cases, please allow up to 36 hours for replies. Thank you for your patience.

Time Frames:

Place your order in plenty of time before the wedding! Silk flowers can last a lifetime with the proper care and ordering your flowers well in advance of your wedding can be a sigh of relief when you have one less task to worry about in those last few busy weeks before the wedding.

Date Reservations:

We do limit the number of design projects that we take on any given day, so reserve your date early to avoid disappointment!

Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for the completion of your order once payment is made in full. Important Note: For orders placed with less than a 4 week notice a 20% additional fee may apply.

Payment Options:

  • Money Orders

  • Personal or Corporate checks (will have to be submitted to a clearance period). A $25 Fee will apply to all Returned Checks.

  • Paypal - We will email an invoice directly to your Paypal account' email address.

  • Visa, MasterCard or Discover Credit/Debit Cards: We will either email you an invoice to pay directly online via a Secure server transaction or you may call us with your credit card number to 877.284.8455. We will need to know if it is a Visa, MasterCard or Discover, your name as it appears on the car and your billing address.


Small orders and most eBay orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail with "Delivery Confirmation", unless otherwise requested. Large orders are shipped via UPS Ground, which takes approximately 1 week en route.

We do offer the option of Overnight or 2nd Day for Rush Orders at an additional charge.

For International Orders we can ship USPS which takes 8 to 14 days or Express which takes 3 to 7 days. Please be advised that customs may charge a fee for imports and they may hold items for up to several weeks at a time in random inspections.

Estimate Shipping, Packaging and Handling costs are as follows:
(Prices may vary depending on the size or your order)

Cascade Bouquets: $12 and up depending on size and weight
Smaller bouquets $8.50 and up depending on size, weight and quantity
Swags and garlands $5.95 and up depending on quantity and size
Complete Sets: Between $20 and up depending on quantity and size.
Altar Decorations: Between $12 and $26 depending on quantity and size.
Centerpieces: Between $9 and up depending on quantity and size.

We do combine shipping costs. Your shipping price will be quoted at the time of ordering.

All items are inspected and carefully packaged prior to shipping.

IMPORTANT! Please plan accordingly to allow your order to be shipped on a timely fashion.

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